Youth Illusion were invited to open the stage at 2018's Winter Warm Up Festival, following their performance they were then asked to play as main support later in the evening!

Rory Deans, Bassist at Winter Warm Up 2018, The Parish - Huddersfield

Youth Illusion were invited to perform at Winter Warm Up, hosted by Pile Up Festival, on October 21 at The Parish in Huddersfield. The band opened up for I Set My Friends On Fire who headlined the all-day event with incredible support such as Elessar, Deadset Dream, Amongst Thieves and many more all in attendance.

Following an incredible opening set the band were invited to perform in a later set following a drop-out last minute. This gave the band a main support slot to perform to a full room directly before I Set My Friends On Fire.

Event promoters Pile Up Festival had noted how incredible the band had sounded in the opening set and wanted to give the band a bigger crowd to perform in front of when the opportunity to play later arose.

"Youth Illusion were incredible in their opening set from start to finish, they sounded like a band that had been performing for decades rather than a band just starting out. You could tell how dedicated they were to the project and that is why there was no other band we thought of when that slot opened up, these guys were ideal for it and they took that opportunity perfectly with a second energetic set winning over more fans".